Thursday, November 4, 2010

Amigurumi (Crocheted) Plush Dolls

So lately I've been into making these cute stuffed crochet dolls called amigurumi.  I saw some at the local doctors clinic and decided to try my hand at them.  I looked around the internet for some free patterns an lo-and-behold I found a wonderful blog that has some pretty amazing patterns for free! 
Shamin Crochet Plush
My boys are huge pokemon fans so I picked a cute pokemon pattern and went to work.  This is my first time trying this type of crochet craft and I think it turned out fairly well. I didn't have any felt for the eyes and mouth, like the pattern called for so I just used yarn. This pattern is found at WolfDreamer's blog. Please be mindful of the rules and guidelines that go along with this pattern.  My little one loved it!  As you can tell by how well loved it looks :).  I continued on to do a Snorlax and a Luma (from Mario).

Snorlax Crochet Plush

Luma Crochet Plush
Both of these patterns can also be found at WolfDreamer's Blog.

Raving Rabbid Plush
Now my boys are also into the Raving Rabbids games, but alas I could not find a pattern at all.  I rolled up my sleeves and decided to make one from scratch, no pattern.  I tried and tried and five days later this was the result.  I'm currently making another one, but with blue eyes.  Which also gives me a chance to try out the pattern.  If it turns out okay, I'll post it later.