Monday, August 23, 2010

The Country Fair

So, we had a country fair here recently.  On the 17th and 18th of August actually, and I decided to enter a few of my photos and artworks.  This is how it all came to pass. :)

In the Digital Art Category I received First place for my Seasons entry.

Now I do admit there were not alot of entries to this category, as it is fairly new, but first is first I guess. lol

Next is a still life of a fruit bowl that got First in the Pencil/Charcoal Drawings - Still Life Category.  Now I know what you're thinking, "A fruit bowl!  How original."  But we all have to start somewhere.  As for this drawing, it was actually a late night insomnia project.  It turned out better that I expected so I entered it.

This is one of the first paintings that I have done in over 15 years.  I was so proud of myself that I actually finished it that I entered it.  It ended up in Third place but I still think it's a winner in my book.  It now holds a place of honor on the wall in my kids room, as they liked it so much!
Now for the photos.  My Brothers Forever received First in the Over 5X7 Sunset/Sunrise Category.  The two people in the photo are my boys who were wonderful enough to pose for me, all the while fighting off mosquitoes.  It now hangs framed on my livingroom wall.
My Long Walk Home (top right) got second in the Landscape Category, while my Jagged Gorgeous Winter (bottom left) did not place.
Receiving First in the Misc. Category was The Forgotten.  All three winter photos were donated to the local library for display.

While the country fair is not as big as some other places, we do attract people for miles around.  Some people travel up to 2 hours away to enter their works.  So I am very happy and pleased with the outcome of my entries. 

Hope you all have had an awesome couple of weeks!

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