Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wow, it's been awhile :)

Well it's definitly been a couple of months since I've been here, and I apologize for that.  I will be posting the pattern for the Raving Rabbid sometime in the near future, I haven't forgotten ;).  I made another one and it turned out okay.  I just have to translate into instructions that everybody else can understand.

As for what I've been up to.  I've done some more amigurumi, some shawls, I had someone commision a series of paintings, and have also gotten into jewelry making (wire wrapping).

First is first, I got some amigurumi patterns from Esty as well as some free ones online and made a few new dolls.

  The Blessed Mother shawl is a free pattern from Red Heart, but the other ones are my own design.

And so I don't flood this thread with a stupid amout of pictures I'll update you on the paintings and jewelry on the next one.  And I promise not to take so long this time.

Wish you all a good night. :)

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